7 Secrets of Confession

I read “The 7Secrets of Confession”looking to brush up. Also various writers alluded to confession as a way of understanding.  According to Vinnie Flynn;the author there is more beyond the ‘grocery list’ of sins. There is healing. Learning to spot our short comings and avoiding them . Maybe its my upbringing but I find myself tight lipped about confession.Sorry.

Don’t miss the cover art by Santa Paula artist Maria Rangel. I’m from the same county so I’m proud of my fellow Venturan!


One more time…

Like dieters I’m going to tackle my book shelves again. I made this blog and promise to myself last year. Then like a magpie I got distracted.

“Oh!Bright ,Shiny object!”  and so I go.

I’m currently reading “Little Sins Mean A Lot”by Elisabeth Scalia. Not preachy but more like a good swift kick in the pants;as my dad use to say. Really Ms. Scalia is humorous&provides clear examples of what shes talking about.Many times I found myself saying ‘me too’.

    I’ve got some good fiction,now to choose which first. The Red Tent is a big pull but so are a few others. Forgotten Garden sounds warm and charming to me.It will be Accidents of Marriage by Randy Susan Myers. I got that from the author thru Shelf Awareness. Been reading it in bursts. I identify with Maddy,the central charecter.

I’ll finish this and let you know more. Now read them holiday books you got!

In The Kingdom of Fairies;a memoir of a magical summer and a remarkable friendship.  by:Susan Coyne  (St. Martin’s press

Some stories stay with you. This is one. Originally I checked it out of the library. Now I own a copy-its that good. Now I like my fiction with a sprinkle of fantasy but this is a true story.

In the summer of 1963 the Coyne family travels to  a cottage in Lake of the Woods,in Western Ontario. Its the annual family vacation. When Susan was 5 she finds an old ,stone fireplace half hidden in the vegetation. She asks father about it and he tells her it use to be a home for bachlor elves. So our girl Susanbrings small gifts of berries,flower necklaces,& empty acorn shells filled with water.Every morning the gifts are gone. One morning she receives the first of many letters from fairy princess Nootsie-Tah. Seems our fairy princess has been banished for a thousand years from her home of Peru for being proud.They exchange letters all summer.

Susan is also friends with her elderly neighbors,the Mohrs. She helps Mr. Mohr with his garden and he reads to her next to the pot bellied stove. This would be an enduring friendship.

  I’ll leave you ,dear reader to discover the rest of the tale. No spoilers here!Long after I returned the book I still remembered it. Longed to visit its pages again. So I got a copy. It should be up there with the classics. It definately is heart warming.

Top picks in resale book sellers

I usually don’t have the cash to buy books new. Thankfully there are people who read a book then get rid of it at resale book stores.Top of my list is Atlanta Book Company. The orders come so fast I am in awe. Nearly every order has taken only a week from purchase to receiving in my mail.

A very,very close second is Motor City Books. Originally I bought from them with the ideal to help Detroit. I was happily surprized by the speed &efficency of them. Once again quick delivery is just about standard(my opinion).

Others I use are Silver Arch Books-an up and comer. Also Hippo Books if I’m not in a hurry to receive it. They arn’t as lightning fast as the first two but are highly reliable

  If I just have to find some title I’ll go to my  good old stand bys: Better World Books,Alibris,&Abe Books.

These fine folks are why my book shelves are groaning under the weight of the books. I have some fiction.  I read in the areas of Archaeology,Anthropology,Religion&Spirituality,Women’s issues,Poetry,Memoir, Travelogues..

Its going to be a fun ride. And I’ll get these books read.