Top picks in resale book sellers

I usually don’t have the cash to buy books new. Thankfully there are people who read a book then get rid of it at resale book stores.Top of my list is Atlanta Book Company. The orders come so fast I am in awe. Nearly every order has taken only a week from purchase to receiving in my mail.

A very,very close second is Motor City Books. Originally I bought from them with the ideal to help Detroit. I was happily surprized by the speed &efficency of them. Once again quick delivery is just about standard(my opinion).

Others I use are Silver Arch Books-an up and comer. Also Hippo Books if I’m not in a hurry to receive it. They arn’t as lightning fast as the first two but are highly reliable

  If I just have to find some title I’ll go to my  good old stand bys: Better World Books,Alibris,&Abe Books.

These fine folks are why my book shelves are groaning under the weight of the books. I have some fiction.  I read in the areas of Archaeology,Anthropology,Religion&Spirituality,Women’s issues,Poetry,Memoir, Travelogues..

Its going to be a fun ride. And I’ll get these books read. 


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