One more time…

Like dieters I’m going to tackle my book shelves again. I made this blog and promise to myself last year. Then like a magpie I got distracted.

“Oh!Bright ,Shiny object!”  and so I go.

I’m currently reading “Little Sins Mean A Lot”by Elisabeth Scalia. Not preachy but more like a good swift kick in the pants;as my dad use to say. Really Ms. Scalia is humorous&provides clear examples of what shes talking about.Many times I found myself saying ‘me too’.

    I’ve got some good fiction,now to choose which first. The Red Tent is a big pull but so are a few others. Forgotten Garden sounds warm and charming to me.It will be Accidents of Marriage by Randy Susan Myers. I got that from the author thru Shelf Awareness. Been reading it in bursts. I identify with Maddy,the central charecter.

I’ll finish this and let you know more. Now read them holiday books you got!